10 Good Reasons to Choose Universitas

Are you ready to offer a child you love a bright future?

Get the most out of your investment by choosing the RESP provider with unmatched expertise in the field of education savings.

RESP EXPERTISE at its best

Education savings have been at the heart of our activities for over 50 years. At Universitas, the RESP is not a product among so many others. We dedicate all our efforts to helping parents put their kids through school and we know the RESP from top to bottom.

Peace of mind with personalized GUIDANCE

With us, you can enjoy guidance every step of the way: from the day you open your plan to the day your future graduate finishes school. Our professional team of scholarship plan representatives are attentive and client-focused; they pick up on your needs in a proactive way to ensure you achieve your goals.

A SAFE Way to Save

Are you looking for a safe investment for your savings? We’ve got you covered! With Universitas Financial you are sure to recover 100% of the savings invested,1 whether your child pursues a postsecondary education or not. After all, it’s your money―no question about it!

Receive EVERY PENNY you are entitled to in GRANT MONEY

Universitas makes sure you get all the government grants your child is entitled to and puts this money to work. For a quick catch-up of unclaimed grants from previous years, you can count on our RESPEED-Up Program; we even offer an RESP Loan as a funding option!

COMPETITIVE investment returns

Our investment strategies strike the right balance to protect your savings while achieving a competitive industry return for a financial product with a 100% capital guarantee.1 This can be a tricky task, and that’s why we take care of it from A to Z.


Do you prefer the convenience of monthly pre-authorized debits or the freedom to add to your RESP whenever you wish? We understand that all the families saving with us have different situations, goals and budgets. That’s why we offer several contribution options so you can find the perfect fit for you!

FREEDOM OF CHOICE for your child

We believe students should follow their dreams and pursue any school career their heart desires! Your child will have the freedom to undertake a vocational, college or university education, whether domestic or abroad.2

You CONTROL the student’s school funds

Once your beneficiary enrols in a postsecondary program, you have access to all your RESP funds, including your contributions. Enjoy the freedom to choose the amount and frequency of your withdrawals throughout the student’s school career.2

No shareholders... only BENEFICIARIES

At Universitas, we have no shareholders or members to pay dividends to, which means all excess revenues we don’t need to run business activities smoothly are returned to the plans. In sum, our beneficiaries are the ones who gain from our non-profit structure and receive this money.

Access to WORLD-CLASS portfolio managers

With Universitas Financial, your investment grows under the management of world-class portfolio advisors who don’t always offer their services to independent investors. Moreover, all our portfolio managers make eco-friendly investment decisions―a fact of which we are particularly proud!


Legal Notes

1. The refund of contributions at plan maturity includes the sales charges of $200 per unit under the REFLEX Plan. Under the INDIVIDUAL Plan, the sales charge of up to $200 is not refunded. Certain conditions apply; refer to our Prospectus.

2. In accordance with the provisions of the Income Tax Act (Canada).