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Directors and officers

Universitas Financial enjoys the leadership of an experienced management team. The expertise and progressive vision of its members ensure the organization’s performance for the benefit of the families who chose us as their RESP provider.

The Boards of Directors

The Board of Directors of the Universitas Foundation of Canada comprises officers and directors who are members of the business community with specific expertise in finance, education, and management. The board ensures decisions are made in the best interests of subscribers and beneficiaries.

Albert Caponi

Albert Caponi, CA*


André Caron

André Caron, ASC

Former President, La Fédération des commissions scolaires du Québec

François Grégoire

François Grégoire

President and CEO, Forces AVENIR

Isabelle Grenier

Isabelle Grenier, LLB*

President and CEO, Universitas Management Inc.

Pierre Hamel, BSc, ASA, ACIA, ASC*

Corporate Director

Yves Lacasse

Yves Lacasse, LLB (Common Law), MBA, ASC*

Chairman of the board, Partner, Joli-Coeur Lacasse avocats

François Lavoie, B.A.A., B.A., Adm. A., Pl. Fin.*

Senior Vice-president, Wealth Management, Professionals' Financial

Jean Marchand

Jean Marchand, B.A.A., MSc*

Co-Founder, Universitas

Gaston Roy

Gaston Roy*

Executive Advisor to the CEO, Universitas Management Inc.

Jacques Topping

Jacques Topping, CPA, CA, MBA, ASC*

President of MissionBis Inc., Corporate Director

Geneviève Verrier, MBA, DESS, ASC*

Founding President, Blue Horizon Investments / Corporate Director

*Are also members of the Board of Directors of Universitas Management Inc.

Sound Management and Practices

Universitas has adopted a series of governance statements, a set of strict rules of conduct that ensure the sound management of the organization and its activities.

These statements support the work of the many committees at Universitas, which include several independent members, to oversee and ensure organizational integrity:

Committees mandated by the Board of Directors of the Universitas Foundation of Canada

  • Audit and Risk Management Committee
    • Albert Caponi
    • Yves Lacasse
    • Jacques Topping

  • Governance Committee
    • André Caron
    • Yves Lacasse
    • Geneviève Verrier

Committees mandated by the Board of Directors of the Universitas Management Inc.

  • Human Resources and Audit Committee
    • Albert Caponi
    • François Lavoie
    • Jean Marchand

  • Investment Committee
    • Gilles Bernier (outside member)
    • France Bilodeau (outside member)
    • Pierre Hamel
    • François Lavoie

Universitas Management Inc. appointed an Independent Review Committee, which acts as an independent body with the mandate to improve the quality of management through the supervision of conflict of interest issues that may arise.

  • Independent Review Committee
    • Roger Demers, ASC, FCPA, FCA
    • Pierre Lapointe, FCPA, FCA, ASC
    • Luc Paradis, LL.L.