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Our Spokespersons

Pierre Lafontaine, MPM, F.Pl.

Pierre Lafontaine

Vice-President, Customer Experience and Strategic Business Development

Spokesperson for topics related to financial planning

With nearly 30 years of experience in finance, Pierre is an expert in the development of financial product markets and in the management of distribution networks. A member of both the Institut québécois de la planification financier (IQPF) and the Chambre de la sécurité financière (CSF), Pierre joined the Universitas team in 2014. As a spokesperson, he primarily handles topics related to the importance of good financial planning.

Isabelle Grenier

Isabelle Grenier

Vice-President, Corporate Affairs

Spokesperson for topics related to corporate affairs and claims management

Isabelle Grenier was admitted to the Quebec Bar in 1992 and practiced law in the private sector for ten years. She joined the Universitas team in 2000 and has overseen the organization’s governance and entire legal department since. In 2015, she was appointed Chair of the Board of Directors of Educaid, Universitas Financial’s official social cause. Isabelle serves as a spokesperson for the organization's various corporate issues.