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Guide your Child through his First Application for a Scholarship from a Group Plan

Written by: Universitas

June 7, 2013

Do you have a UNIVERSITAS or REFLEX group plan with Universitas Trust Funds that’s about to reach maturity? Is your child about to turn 17 and ready to undertake a post-secondary education? Here are some guidelines to help your child submit his first application to receive a scholarship.

Step 1

Check your plan’s eligibility criteria before you submit a scholarship application

When your child becomes admissible to receive an educational assistance payment or EAP (also called a scholarship), Universitas Trust Funds sends him (to your address on file) a notice of eligibility to inform him of the situation and of the next steps to follow. This letter is mailed in spring the year your beneficiary reaches the age of 17.

Once your child receives his notice, the first step is to double-check which group plan you subscribed to: UNIVERSITAS or REFLEX. Then, review your plan’s eligibility criteria, available via our website or in our prospectus. If your child is qualified to receive an EAP, he will need to submit his application online using our Customer Portal.

Step 2

Help your child register to the Customer Portal

Even if your child doesn’t plan to apply for an EAP this fall, it’s always better to sign up in advance. In addition to the application form, the portal includes a detailed FAQ section that can come in handy. Take the time to become familiar with some of the functions and information you will need to know.

To register to the portal, your child will need his identification number (Beneficiary ID); which appears on the application form you may have received for the full reimbursement of your contributions. You or your child may also call our Customer Service to obtain this number.

Furthermore, as a subscriber, if you haven’t done so already, now is the perfect occasion to register to the portal. Simply enter your subscriber ID (which you can find on your latest deposit statement) and your date of birth (not your child’s).

Step 3

Follow the instructions of the (group plan) scholarship application

Once your child registers and signs in, the next step is to click on the “Scholarship Application” tab and follow the instructions. Note that the online application is adapted to consider certain specific situations (e.g.: if your child is studying abroad, if he is the beneficiary of several plans or qualified to receive multiple EAPs for the year in progress). If your situation does not correspond to any of the profile options, simply call our Customer Service to benefit from personalized assistance.

Important: In addition to his ID, your child will need to provide the two following supporting documents with every scholarship application he submits:

- an official transcript; and
- proof of enrolment. It is essential that this document be recent (issued in the last six months), and that it include the beneficiary’s name, program of study and educational institution.

Examples of acceptable proof of enrolment: attestation of attendance or a class schedule for the current or upcoming semester, or a confirmation of tuition payment for the upcoming semester. Remember, a letter of acceptance is not proof of enrolment.

If you have any questions, our customer service agents will be happy to assist you! 1-877-710-RESP (7377)

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