Written by: Universitas

May 16, 2013

Your child is what's most precious to you. To offer your little one a world of opportunity, you've decided that planning for a future education is a priority. As the cost of education is continually increasing, it's important to start preparing early, as soon as your child is born when possible. Universitas Trust Funds have prepared the following short video (only available in French) to explain the basics and benefits of the RESP.

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Reinvesting your Tax Refund in an RESP: A Smart Move for the Future!

Par Universitas

A tax refund is always well received! But you're not the type who spends lavishly and would rather invest this sum wisely? Have you thought about how your child could benefit from your investing in a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP)? Government incentives could be added to your investment to boost your tax refund and give your child the means to access a post-secondary education.