to receive educational assistance payments (EAPs) under the REFLEX AND UNIVERSITAS group plans

Universitas Financial is calling a vote on the resolution to maintain the easing of the EAP criteria of its group plans, an amendment adopted further to the vote held in the fall of 2017.

Note that even if you voted last fall, you must vote again since the outcome could affect your RESP.

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Isabelle Grenier, Executive Vice-President, offers more details in this video.

How to vote

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Why call a new vote?

Universitas Financial is responsive to the feedback from some subscribers who feel they did not understand the implications of the first resolution to ease the EAP criteria.
Therefore, to give everyone the opportunity to have their say, we are calling this new vote and we invite you to cast your ballot again.

Do I have to vote if I already voted back in 2017?

Yes. Your voice matters!
As this is a new consultation process, you must cast your vote again. The outcome of the vote could have an impact on your RESP.
That's why we thank you for taking the time to voice your opinion on this resolution once you receive all the information documentation by mail.

What will happen until the vote results are known?

The relaxed EAP qualification criteria in force since January 2018 continue to apply.

I can’t decide. Can I have more information on how this will affect my RESP specifically?

You will soon receive complete documentation by mail, providing all the details to make an informed decision, including several typical scenarios to which you can compare your own situation.
Rest assured that our Customer Service team will also be available to answer your questions.

I set up my RESP after the changes were announced in October 2017. How will this vote affect my RESP?

You will benefit from the relaxed criteria when your plan reaches maturity, meaning you will have access to all the EAP funds available (including 100% of the government grants) as soon as your beneficiary registers in an eligible post-secondary program of study.
In other words, the outcome of the vote will not affect the terms of your RESP.

Are the results of the first vote annulled?

No, the first vote is not cancelled. The relaxed EAP criteria remain in effect until the new vote takes place and we know the results.

We invite you to voice your opinion on this resolution once you receive all the relevant documentation by mail.