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I would like to know if the CPIM certification offered by APICS qualifies for a refund.

My parents told me that I still had funds available with Universitas. I have already started this program but I will have to pay my exams to obtain my title. I wanted to know if I have access to my remaining EAP funds to pay for these exams.


To qualify for eligible educational assistance payments (EAPs), programs and institutions must be recognized under the Income Tax Act (Canada).

Unfortunately, professional certifications offered by organizations that are not recognized by Employment and Social Development Canada, such as Certification in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM), do not qualify for EAPs.

Click here for a complete list of recognized institutions:

However, please note that EAPs can be withdrawn from an RESP up to 35 years after the plan is opened. If funds remain available in an RESP, a subscriber may withdraw these for the beneficiary until that cut-off date, upon presentation of proof of enrolment to eligible studies.

We wish you good luck in obtaining your certification!