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Who receives the grant money?

Is the grant money paid to directly to the beneficiary or can parents withdraw these funds to cover their own expenses?


The grants received belong exclusively to your beneficiary and these are included in his or her educational assistance payments (EAPs). The EAP itself can be issued to the beneficiary or to the subscriber following a request submitted by the subscriber. This means that if you are covering the expenses for your beneficiary's post-secondary education, you can request the payment be made in your name.

However, it’s important to remember that under current legislation, EAPs are always taxed in the beneficiary’s hands—whether these are paid directly to the beneficiary or on their behalf. The EAP amounts received must also be included as income on his or her tax return for the year said payments were received. Lastly, the Income Tax Act (Canada) stipulates that EAPs must be used for post-secondary education.