We add an extra $50 to your RESP When opening a new RESP

Start saving

Our plans qualify for substantial government grants that match 20% to 60% of your contributions!

Exclusively with Universitas

Privileged access to education specialists thanks to our Stepping Stone Program!

6 free hours of consultation annually per family.

Exclusively with Universitas

We guarantee the refund of your savings at plan maturity, whether your child goes to school or not.1

Simple and Flexible Withdrawals for School!

Our plans provide educational assistance payments for vocational/trade school, college, or university programs here in Canada or abroad!2

Low income families

Receive the Canada Learning Bond for your child! Ask about our no sales charge, no commitment plan3

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The educational assistance payments I received from Universitas helped keep me motivated throughout my studies. 

"I am proud of what I have accomplished."

" "

Charles Martineau, Vocational Training DVS – Fire Safety Techniques

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Legal Notes

  1. Investments made in T-Bills and government bonds. Please note that the refund of contributions at plan maturity includes the sales charges of $200 per unit under the REFLEX Plan and Universitas Plan. Under the INDIVIDUAL Plan, the $200 sales charge is non-refundable. Certain conditions apply; refer to our prospectus.
  2. For the complete list of eligible programs, please see our prospectus.
  3. Certain conditions apply; please see our prospectus.

* Certain conditions and restrictions apply.