I Am a Client

How do I activate my Client Space account?

To register and activate an account, you must be the subscriber or beneficiary of an RESP with Universitas. Click on the “MY CLIENT SPACE” section in the box on the right side of the screen.

You can register with or without your ID number. Simply follow the step-by-step registration instructions. It’s easy and convenient!

How do I change my contact or banking information?

Log in to your Client Space; you can then edit your information.

I just received my child’s social insurance number (SIN). How do I send you this information?

The safest way to send us a SIN is through your secure Client Space. Register or sign in to your account using the six-digit ID number you received when you opened your RESP.

Where can I view my RESP account balance?

Your Client Space allows you to follow your account activity, view your current balance, and access all your statements. Everything you need to know about your RESP account is just a few clicks away—anytime, anywhere.

I’d like to make a change to my contract. Who do I contact?

Please contact our Customer Service team to make any of the following changes to your contract:

  • Change of subscriber
  • Change of beneficiary
  • Temporary interruption of contributions
  • Decrease in the amount of your contributions
  • Plan cancellation

Our team is there to listen and support you. Our agents will be attentive to your needs and provide the necessary information and guidance to ensure you make a well-informed decision.

What is an ID?

The ID refers to your personal identification number. Both the subscriber and the beneficiary are issued an ID at the time the scholarship plan is opened. This number is indicated on your account statements and on any correspondence sent by Universitas Financial.

Refund of contributions (ROC)

What steps must I follow to receive my refund of contributions (ROC)?

Once the plan reaches its maturity date, the subscriber can apply for a refund of contributions (ROC) via his or her Client Space. Its simple, convenient and quick!

What documents must I provide to make sure my beneficiary keeps the grant money accumulated in the RESP?

When the time comes to apply for your refund of contributions, send us one of the following documents to ensure the government grants you have received are kept in the plan:

  • Letter of acceptance (conditional or official) for admission to a post-secondary program
  • Recent proof of enrolment in a post-secondary educational program (issued in the last 6 months)
  • A class schedule for the current or upcoming semester
  • Proof of tuition payment for the upcoming semester
Will I be taxed on the refunded contributions I receive?

No, not one cent!

Only educational assistance payments (EAPs) are considered taxable income for the beneficiary for the year in which they are received. But in most cases, students are in a low tax bracket and therefore pay little or no tax on EAPs.

Educational Assistance Payments (EAPs)

What qualification criteria must I meet to receive educational assistance payments (EAPs)?

The criteria correspond to those of the Income Tax Act (Canada).

The beneficiary can receive EAPs once he or she is enrolled in a qualifying educational program or a specified educational program. The student can attend school in person or be registered in a distance learning program, and is entitled to receive EAPs for up to six months after ceasing enrolment.

  • A qualifying educational program corresponds to full-time studies:
    • The program must last at least three consecutive weeks.
    • The student must spend at least 10 hours per week on courses or work in the program.
  • A specified educational program corresponds to part-time studies:
    • The program must last at least three consecutive weeks; and
    • The student must spend at least 12 hours per month on courses or work in the program.
    • The beneficiary must be at least 16 years old.
I’m ready to apply for my first EAP! What steps must I follow?

Once the beneficiary meets the qualification criteria, you can request an EAP. Applications for educational assistance payments must be submitted via the subscriber’s Client Space.

What documents must I submit with my application to receive an educational assistance payment?

You must submit proof of enrolment, issued in the last six months, confirming the beneficiary’s registration in a post-secondary program. Visit your Client Space for a list of the documents accepted as proof of enrolment.


  • Current account balance
  • Contract and statements
  • Update contact and banking information
  • Educational assistance payment requests
  • Make additional contributions

Ready to do your taxes?

RESP contributions are not tax deductible so you won’t get a tax slip for these.

However, if your beneficiary received an EAP in 2017, electronic tax slips will be delivered to his/her Client Space in February. An email notification will be sent when these documents are ready.

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